Fluent in both Spanish and English, our guest blogger Dan O’Connor has been helping individuals and organizations develop their communication and critical thinking skills for over fifteen years. A communication expert recognized both nationally and internationally, Dan came to prominence through his development and delivery of programs that include dealing with difficult and demanding people, speaking with power and precision, professional communication and etiquette, developing your personal compass, transformational thinking, customer service scripts and techniques, team-building and many many more—all programs based on self-development and powerful communication.

Are you trying to improve your listening skills, or do you know someone who is? Body language, of course, is key in communication. With this one simple body language tactic, you can instantly transform into an engaged, active listener. And listening is the most important communication skill of all. Just remember O-N-E.

OPEN POSTURE:  Maintain open posture when you are listening to someone –shoulders back and arms uncrossed.

NOD YOUR HEAD every now and then. A good nod every ten seconds will do; if you are constantly nodding it sends the wrong message.

EYE CONTACT IS GOOD, though too much eye contact is bad. Remember to glance away every 10 seconds or so, or you will start to creep out the listener. And don’t open your eyes too wide – this is a sign of psychosis.

Effective listening skills are part of any good professional effective communication training, and everyone can take a moment to practice this O-N-E listening technique. Furthermore, it’s something you can easily practice with your employees to transform your entire staff into listening experts.

For more information on professional communication training, contact expert communication trainer Dan O’Connor here.

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