Frame from Trailer for New Customer Service BookUse this quick exercise to help everyone on your team to sharpen their service skills. It comes from our game-changing new customer service book, Taming Gladys: The Busy Leader’s Guide to Creating Fierce Customer Loyalty which officially launches TODAY!

Team Exercise:

 Ask everyone on the team to pretend to be the customer and come up with one request that your company would have to reject. One by one, make the request and have each person write down his or her responses. 

Once written, have one person collect the answers and read them out loud. Repeat this with each team member’s customer request. You’ll notice the team becoming more skillful after each round. 

Why it works:

This simple exercise creates lasting changes in the way your team thinks and acts with customers. Why? They get to hear how their peers handle tough situations. They get to collaborate and practice new ways of approaching tough situations and share what they do that works. Doing this type of exercise will create positive changes in the way customers feel about your company.

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