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My son is a huge MINI Cooper fan and it’s not hard to figure out why. It’s all about the customer experience.

Kyle’s first car, purchased just a few short years ago, is a 2004 MINI Cooper S. Little did I know, when he made that purchase, he joined a cultish group of MINI fan(atics).

One of the ways that MINI USA keeps their customers connected with a stellar customer experinece is by holding events, like the bi-annual MINI Takes the States (MTTS), a caravan of the car company’s vehicle owners, along with representatives from both the dealers and the manufacturer.

The brand has managed to make their loyalists, even more loyal with these events, which allow their representatives to mix and mingle with their customers in a way that’s highly unusual.

Unique Customer Experience Equals Customer Loyalty

Here’s one consumer’s comment that I came across right after the MTTS event.

“A BIG Shout out goes to MINI USA for the way they treat their loyal customers. How many other car makers do you know that would even consider something like MTTS. This was a two and a half week mobile party that spanned our country. … It’s amazing anyone could throw a 15 day party, much less at different venues each morning and evening. The logistics must have been a great challenge, but they did it without a hitch. Not only the ‘Pit Crew’ members, but the MINI USA executives as well, pitched in and drove the entire way. They made themselves available to every Mini enthusiasts that wanted to talk, and they listened. In addition, they provided MINI Roadside Assistance and towing as necessary. Great effort on a job well done.” 

During the event, story after story gets posted on the event’s social media page about how the MTTS crew helps them with any car trouble or breakdowns they experience. Plus, this year’s event had a fundraising component that resulted in over a million meals being donated to Feeding America and even a marriage proposal and a wedding!

The MTTS 2018 Facebook page already has over 4,000 fans and counting. So, here’s a question to ponder as you read this article. What could your company or your department, or even you yourself, do to create stronger relationships and make your customers feel special?

Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear how you enhance the customer experience for your customers!


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