Lori Jo Vest

KPI Alphabet Soup: The Most Important Customer Service Performance Metric

People who work in Customer Operations know of the “Alphabet Soup” of customer service performance metrics. In one expert's opinion, there's really only one that counts.

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Are Extended Customer Service Hours Still a Thing?

Extended customer service hours – the ability of your customer to reach you when they perceive that they need you – is an important part of the customer relationship.  Experts...

Customer Service: The Competitive Advantage [Video]

Ready to strengthen your competitive advantage through customer service?  Watch the video below (and share it with your team.) Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE asked us to reveal customer service success...

A Customer Loyalty Exercise – An Excerpt from Our NEW Customer Service Book Taming Gladys!

This simple exercise creates lasting changes in the way your team thinks and acts with customers. Why? They get to hear how their peers handle tough situations. They get to collaborate and practice new ways of approaching tough situations and share what they do that works.

Paying Attention to Customer Touchpoints Matters

I received a wonderful Christmas present from my husband this year from a company called Soft Surroundings. They sell clothing that’s soft and comfortable, along with fragrances, shoes, accessories and...

When Customer Service Gets Lost in Translation

My sixteen year old son drives a unique little car, his first, and he’s become a brand fanatic in the year he’s been driving. He even went to an event...

Don’t Let Your Customers Get Bitten: Customer Service and the Small Business

While entrepreneurs and small businesses are constantly challenged with selection and pricing against larger operations, customer service is one place where they can differentiate themselves from their competitors. Using customer service as a marketing advantage is a smart strategy for small business.

Knowing When to Break the Rules is Critical in Customer Service

if your staff doesn't know when to break a rule or deviate from a standard process, you could be losing your most profitable customers to a savvy rule-breaking competitor.

Raising Customer Service to an Art Form at the Townsend Hotel

We love tapping into the experience of successful customer-focused business leaders. That’s why we sat down with Steven Kalczynski, Managing Director of The Townsend Hotel, a luxury hotel nestled in the upscale shopping district of Birmingham, Michigan. Landing on the list of Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best Hotels” is one among many of their noted accomplishments. The hotel attracts a wide variety of distinguished customers, including celebrities shooting film or television, rock stars in town for concerts, or executives attending the town’s high-profile automotive functions. It’s an audience that expects only the best. We asked Steven to share some of his secrets for taking customer service to the highest levels of distinction.