Cracking Customer Service Challenges – One Nut at a Time

You might be tempted to focus on your biggest service challenge but that's typically one major nut to crack, right?

Handling Challenging Conversations with a Customer Service Focus

It isn’t always easy to keep customers happy. Your ability to handle challenging conversations can make the difference between forming a stronger customer relationship and sending them to your competition. These six communication skills can help you create connection when conversations get heated.

Here’s How to Help Your Team Handle a Puzzling Service Situation

When a member of your customer service team is struggling with a challenge, what do you do? It's tempting to give orders or jump in and fix things yourself. Instead, empower your staff to find their own solutions. Here are a few useful ways to develop a team of creative problem solvers.

The Importance of Compassion in Customer Service

When you bring the word compassion into a business conversation, many people don’t really get what it means or why you’d want to “do that” in a corporate environment. Some...

Feedback is the Engine of Improvement

Nobody – and no company – is perfect. If you’ve read “Who’s Your Gladys?” then you know that we recommend a continuous improvement mindset. It’s what takes companies to new...

Don’t Miss Your Customer’s Cues or You May Miss Out on Their Business

I witnessed a train wreck of a customer experience this week. While shopping for a new car, my husband Cliff and I visited three dealerships. We found a car we liked at all three, so each sales professional had a chance to get our business. It was enjoyable… except for the incident at the first dealership.

Strategies to Engage with Internal Customer Service

A recent Gartner study showed that 90 percent of leaders think that an engagement strategy will have an impact on business success, but barely 25 percent of them have a...

How to Solve a Hidden Customer Service Breakdown

Last night, I was treated to the story of Patti, while having dinner with her coworker. Patti is a data base developer at a large national company. Her coworker, who...

Listening to Customers is Harder Than You Think

I was halfway through my question when the customer service representative interrupted me. “That’s actually a separate password than the one I’m resetting for you. That one is just for billing.”