I bought a can of hairspray a few weeks ago and was unpleasantly surprised the next morning when it wouldn’t spray. Full can of hairspray at the ready, I pushed down on the nozzle and “pfffffttttt…..” Talk about disappointing! Nothing came out. Fortunately, I had a tiny bit left in the last bottle, which I hadn’t yet thrown out.

Oh, well. These things happen, so I went to the manufacturer’s website for the product, quickly found the “contact customer service “link and sent them an email.

Dear Represenative:

I am a long time user of your hair care products, particularly your shampoos and conditioners. I attempted to try your hairspray, though the bottle I purchased was defective and wouldn’t spray. Can you please assist me with a refund or replacement? If you have any questions, please feel free to email me back or call me at 313-XXX-XXXX.

I provided my mailing address and hit the “send” button. Within twelve hours, I had a response apologizing for the product’s failure to behave as it should and a coupon for one purchase of any of their products. Easy-peasy.

I chose to use the coupon to try the company’s mousse and I love it. It works well, it’s affordable and I’ll purchase it again.

Why do I share this simple story of customer service? Because this company made it so easy for me to continue to be a customer.

Here’s what they did right:

  1. Their “contact customer service” link was easy to find.
  2. They were prompt and polite. I had the coupon for a replacement product by the end of the week.
  3. They believed me. They didn’t ask any questions. I didn’t have to provide a product number or a product receipt or a picture of my drivers license or my social security number.

I’ve had similar experiences wherein the company insisted I send the product back, provide a receipt, provide a number from the side of the box or can, and jump through other hoops to get a refund for a product that wasn’t performing as it should. Not so easy and not so customer friendly. In those situations, they’re much less likely to keep the customer interested in their products.

What about you? Do you make it easy for your customers to tell you when something goes wrong? Do you fix it quickly and efficiently?



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