Today’s guest blogger is Grace Boyle, the Publisher Services Manager at Lijit in Boulder, Colorado.

Companies that build their business online need speedy customer support. The nature of the online world is fast, current and live.

For my blog, I use a web-hosting company called Liquid Web. A friend recommended them. (Note:  A great way to learn and/or go with a company is through a friend recommendation).

I have now been using them for two years. No complaints. I’m billed at the same time each month, my blog hasn’t completely shut down and everything seems to be running smoothly.

No matter what your product, your customers and users want to ask questions, offer feedback and see that you’re available to help them.

Recently, I have another web project that I’m working on building. The web designer I’m working with asked me if I could check with my hosting company to see if I can run two sites under my current rate and program.

Being techy, but not that techy, I headed over to Immediately, I found the customer support forum, questions, phone number and support contact form. Good sign. Make it easy for your customers to seek help and ask questions. No matter what your product, your customers and users want to ask questions, offer feedback and/or see that you’re available to help them, if need be.

I sent my inquiry off and went back to working.

One minute later, I had an answer from a real human being (not some support bot, robot thing) with my answer. I was stunned. I asked a follow up question (but had my real answer) just to clarify and he responded right away, as well.

Being a happy, online, web-user I tweeted about my positive experience and of course, @LiquidWeb responded to me, happy to hear I was happy.

About four days later, I actually got a follow-up email from the same support to ensure that all my questions were answered. I hadn’t said, “Thank you, you’ve answered my questions,” essentially, so they wanted to ensure that was the case. They were really on point and I felt grateful for the personal touch.

When a company promises a certain type of support, it’s not only nice to know they promise it, but when they serve that type of support in real-time it really floors your customers and lets you know they really walk the talk. Liquid Web promises “24/7 heroic support,” yes, they use the word heroic and in terms of customer support, I’m pretty sure it’s just that.

I have a very strong and close brand image of Liquid Web now because my interaction was so positive. From the simple support action, I now will recommend Liquid Web to my friends and here I am, touting their success. See how simple it can be?

What do you think? What online companies that you interact with in terms of products and services really offer unparalleled customer support? Good stories? Bad stories?

Grace Boyle blogs at Small Hands, Big Ideas and can be found on Twitter, as well. She loves blogging, laughter, the mountains, snowboarding, travel and wine. She’s always on the lookout for superior, heroic customer service.

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