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Are Extended Customer Service Hours Still a Thing?

Extended customer service hours – the ability of your customer to reach you when they perceive that they need you – is an important part of the customer relationship.  Experts...

The ipsy Way: How an Online Beauty Business Keeps Customers Happy

If you’re a woman who’s into trying new cosmetics and beauty products, you probably already know about ipsy. We came across this service-savvy company when their customer care manager Nykki Yeager volunteered her team of service reps to help evaluate our upcoming “Taming Gladys! Creating Fierce Customer Loyalty in Just 12 Weeks” book and coaching program.

Expanding Your Business to International Markets? Consider Learning These Preferences First

Thinking of expanding your business to international markets? You can introduce your products and services to those living in another country by creating a strong online presence, but learning the culture in new markets can be a challenge.

Turning Twitter into an Exceptional Customer Service Tool

Does your organization use twitter? Do you have a personal twitter handle? Whether you’re tweeting for business or your personal interests, focusing on customer service principles can make the difference between attracting and repelling potential customers.

A Heartfelt Apology Disarms Even the Angriest Customer

When a customer is angry, the first line of defense is a heartfelt, genuine apology. Not an explanation. Not a a defensive response. A genuine apology, given quickly. Scott Stratten,...

Is Technology Bringing Us Closer or Pulling Us Apart?

Is Technology Bringing Us Closer or Pulling Us Apart?

There are a few cashiers at the grocery store where we’ve shopped for the last ten years that I really like. They’re professional, they move us through the line quickly,...

Are You Truly Connected? Here’s Why You Should Be

Are You Truly Connected? Here’s Why You Should Be

Email, texts, and messages on social platforms are some of the most frequently-used communication methods in 2013. They’re particularly popular with consumers in their 20s and 30s, though they’re spreading...

Identifying Customer Needs in Your Online Business

 Today’s guest blogger Yvonne A Jones, is a Social Media Strategist/Trainer who helps businesses increase their visibility and profits online through social media and internet marketing strategies.  She is passionate...

Re-imagining the In-store Experience Post-Digital

Today’s guest blogger Kalina Janevska is a consultant at Beyond Philosophy one of the world’s first organizations devoted to customer experience. Kalina is a chief experience modeler and designer with knowledge of CE...