Delighting customers

MINI USA Takes the Customer Experience

My son is a huge MINI Cooper fan and it’s not hard to figure out why. It’s all about the customer experience. Kyle’s first car, purchased just a few short...

Paying Attention to Customer Touchpoints Matters

I received a wonderful Christmas present from my husband this year from a company called Soft Surroundings. They sell clothing that’s soft and comfortable, along with fragrances, shoes, accessories and...

Raising Customer Service to an Art Form at the Townsend Hotel

We love tapping into the experience of successful customer-focused business leaders. That’s why we sat down with Steven Kalczynski, Managing Director of The Townsend Hotel, a luxury hotel nestled in the upscale shopping district of Birmingham, Michigan. Landing on the list of Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best Hotels” is one among many of their noted accomplishments. The hotel attracts a wide variety of distinguished customers, including celebrities shooting film or television, rock stars in town for concerts, or executives attending the town’s high-profile automotive functions. It’s an audience that expects only the best. We asked Steven to share some of his secrets for taking customer service to the highest levels of distinction.

Mini Things Bring Customer Happiness

My son bought his first car last fall. For a 16 year old, a MINI Cooper S is amazing first ride, even if it's ten years old and has 90,000 miles on it.

7 Ways to Become a Tour Guide to Service Excellence

After ten amazing days in Italy my passion for customer service is stronger than ever. During the trip, my husband had one request, “No work on vacation!” I tried… really …but I kept finding myself taking notes. After all, I was on buses, trains and planes, in restaurants and hotels, and at museums, shops and markets. I get jazzed by excellent service, and my curiosity kicks in when things fall flat.

Giving a Consistent High-Quality Performance Takes Practice

Walking through the doors of Preston Wynne Spa, customers feel an instant sense of tranquility. The soothing earthy decor, with soft ambient lighting, sets the mood for the warm greeting...

Are You Creating Memorable Moments for Your Customers?

Like so many consumers these days, I look to the internet for all kinds of product information. A few months ago, I was looking for fun socks for a social media campaign I was working on and came across Sock It to Me Socks. Their brand identity is colorful and entertaining. Their socks come in crazy fun designs.

Is Your Service Bringing You Stellar “Earned Media” Opportunities?

According to a Nielsen Study conducted in 2012, ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, meaning word-of-mouth and recommendations from their friends and family, above any other form of advertising.

3 Reasons Not to Fear Difficult Conversations with Customers

We all know the feeling. Somebody’s doing something that’s not working. It could be a coworker who isn’t very gracious, a staff member who won’t follow process, or a customer...