Communicating with Customers

Celebrate Customer Service Week 2017 with This Easy Plan

We've created a Customer Service Week celebration to make it easy-peasy for you to celebrate your team's service excellence and inspire them to amp up their skills.

Cracking Customer Service Challenges – One Nut at a Time

You might be tempted to focus on your biggest service challenge but that's typically one major nut to crack, right?

Time for a Customer Service Makeover?

Does your customer service need a makeover? Even in high-end service environments, a seemingly tiny disconnect between a customer and a service provider can cause a customer to walk away from your...

Tactics that Kill Customer Relationships

While many companies like to combine stellar customer service with a subtle up-sell to grow their sales, there's a fine line between an up-sell and a turn-off. Here's a great example of what not to do.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want Happy Customers

No one wakes up in the morning thinking, “Today I’m going to alienate my customers.” Yet, epic fails in customer service occur every day. Could you be sabotaging your success...

Dealing with Moaners and Complainers during Emotionally Charged Meetings

Running an effective meeting isn’t always easy – especially when emotions run high. A moaner or  complainer can suck the energy right out of the room, leaving everyone drained and...

Customer Service Composure Tips: 5 Ways to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Can you make yourself appear calm and composed, when you’re not? When you’re nervous, do your hands get sweaty or clammy? Does that muscle in your cheek twitch when you’re...

As a Business Owner, You May Unwittingly Ruin Great Customer Service

In my line of work, I have a lot of morning breakfast meetings. This week, I tried someplace new. Our waitress hit just the right chord with us. She was really funny, without being corny. She was attentive without being intrusive.

Handling Challenging Conversations with a Customer Service Focus

It isn’t always easy to keep customers happy. Your ability to handle challenging conversations can make the difference between forming a stronger customer relationship and sending them to your competition. These six communication skills can help you create connection when conversations get heated.