Customer Service

3 Customer Service Tips from a Health Care Pro

If wanting happy customers and an engaged staff was enough – everyone would have them. Instead, customer complaints are common and nearly 75% of employees are reportedly disengaged. What can...

Celebrate Customer Service Week 2017 with This Easy Plan

We've created a Customer Service Week celebration to make it easy-peasy for you to celebrate your team's service excellence and inspire them to amp up their skills.

KPI Alphabet Soup: The Most Important Customer Service Performance Metric

People who work in Customer Operations know of the “Alphabet Soup” of customer service performance metrics. In one expert's opinion, there's really only one that counts.

How is the Internet of Things Affecting Customer Service?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). So what is it? According to Forbes, IoT is described as everyday objects that can be connected to the Internet and...

Sharing Our the Humanity: Creating Stronger Human Connections in Customer Service

Ever feel like the human connections in customer service are at risk? Even with advancements in artificial intelligence, combined with more use of chatbots and pre-recorded messages, creating strong, human...

The Simple Truth Behind Customer Service Excellence

National news, Twitter and YouTube are loaded with examples of customer service gone wrong. While there are lessons to learn from service breakdowns, there’s even more value in following leaders...

Handling a Social Media Customer Service Crisis

Could a social media customer service crisis happen to your company? Here are some tips for managing one.

Customer Loyalty is in the Touchpoints – Have You Looked at Yours Recently?

The following article is a how-to excerpt from "Taming Gladys! The Busy Leader's Guide to Creating Fierce Customer Loyalty." Follow the instructions below to analyze the customer touchpoints in your department or at your business. Make an effort to enhance those touchpoints and watch your customer loyalty scores grow.

Are Your Service Processes Stupid?

  Today we’re featuring a post by our dear friend Chip R. Bell. Enjoy! —– I appreciate the political incorrectness of using such an uncouth word like “stupid.”  I could...