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KPI Alphabet Soup: The Most Important Customer Service Performance Metric

People who work in Customer Operations know of the “Alphabet Soup” of customer service performance metrics. In one expert's opinion, there's really only one that counts.

Cracking Customer Service Challenges – One Nut at a Time

You might be tempted to focus on your biggest service challenge but that's typically one major nut to crack, right?

Time for a Customer Service Makeover?

Does your customer service need a makeover? Even in high-end service environments, a seemingly tiny disconnect between a customer and a service provider can cause a customer to walk away from your...

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5 Morning Rituals to Prep for Customer Service Success

Enjoy this article. Then click here to check out our NEW customer service book: Taming Gladys! The Busy Leader’s Guide to Creating Fierce Customer Loyalty   It takes energy to...

A Customer Loyalty Exercise – An Excerpt from Our NEW Customer Service Book Taming Gladys!

This simple exercise creates lasting changes in the way your team thinks and acts with customers. Why? They get to hear how their peers handle tough situations. They get to collaborate and practice new ways of approaching tough situations and share what they do that works.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want Happy Customers

No one wakes up in the morning thinking, “Today I’m going to alienate my customers.” Yet, epic fails in customer service occur every day. Could you be sabotaging your success...

Which Customer Expectations Matter Most?

Customers have four expectations that determine whether they’ll be highly satisfied doing business with your company, according to Gallup Research. First, they expect ACCURACY – Does your staff meet the...

5 Ways to Build Customer Trust

Customer trust is developed in your organization over time and through shared experiences - like online reviews and personal recommendations. Having conversations with your team about trust-building is crucial but it can backfire. Here are five things to keep in mind to build trust with your team and customers.

Customer Service Composure Tips: 5 Ways to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Can you make yourself appear calm and composed, when you’re not? When you’re nervous, do your hands get sweaty or clammy? Does that muscle in your cheek twitch when you’re...