If wanting happy customers and an engaged staff was enough – everyone would have them. Instead, customer complaints are common and nearly 75% of employees are reportedly disengaged. What can you do to get customer service right? We found a great source of customer service tips from a health care professional in metro Detroit.   Meet […]

National news, Twitter and YouTube are loaded with examples of customer service gone wrong. While there are lessons to learn from service breakdowns, there’s even more value in following leaders who share a consistent set of guiding principles for “getting service right.” Harry D. Cohen and his wife Jan Cohen excel at leadership for customer […]

  Today we’re featuring a post by our dear friend Chip R. Bell. Enjoy! —– I appreciate the political incorrectness of using such an uncouth word like “stupid.”  I could use irritating, frustrating, exasperating and even nauseous.  But that would not reflect the typical customer’s sentiment when they are victim of an inane service process.  […]

Does your customer service need a makeover? Even in high-end service environments, a seemingly tiny disconnect between a customer and a service provider can cause a customer to walk away from your business. Here are a few ways to minimize these types of service disruptions. It was a posh conference center. Absolutely gorgeous. My client was going […]

If you want to deliver strong customer service, it’s important to keep learning and improving. I’m personally committed to it so when my friend Lisa Mininni (President of Excellerate Associates) announced her two-day training about how individuals are naturally wired, I cleared my calendar. Unlike assessments that measure personality traits, social styles, or behavior, this one […]

Here’s a simple service reminder to bring to your next meeting. Share it with your staff. Include it in your internal newsletters, and make sure everyone inside your business (you included) understands that this message is at the core of your organization’s success. Every customer matters. When it comes to customer service, your internal customers matter, […]